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Clean Your PC to Keep It Fast & Stable

Boost your PC performance and make it stay steady! Your PC might get slower and slower as time passes by and My PC Cleaner Free is a solution to get it back to its peak status. It completely and thoroughly removes trash and obsolete files in your harddisk and grants you an efficient and error-free PC environment.


Regain Disk Space

Never ignore junk files because they can eat up gigabytes of your HDD! My PC Cleaner Free helps delete all sorts of junk files that occupy valuable harddisk sources like temporary files, files in trash can, useless old system update files, log files and many more. Use My PC Cleaner Free to prevent them from piling up from now on.


Protect Your Online Privacy

My PC Cleaner Free can remove your online traces, keeping them out of sight of prying eyes. It swiftly scan your Internet browsers to find out and remove data that related to your privacy like history, cookies, cache files, autocomplete form and many more. It can clean up IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc.


Safe & Customizable Deletion

My PC Cleaner Free allows you to decide if you want the deleted files to be recoverable or not. It is also integrated with an exception list to ignore certain types of files or specific folders. You can set up wildcards list to find the files with wildcards.


Robust Cleaner for All Types of Disks

This free PC cleaner software not only cleans up harddrive in your PC, but also external harddisk and USB flash drives. It lists all the drives connected to your PC and you can choose to clean up all of them at once or just the selected ones.


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What can you do with My PC Cleaner Free

How to Clean Up Your PC for Fast Boosting
How to Clean Up Your PC for Fast Boosting?

If you have a PC, chances are it runs too slowly for your tastes due to all the virtual junk that accumulates in there. It doesn't have to be that way. With the help of My PC Cleaner Free, you can turn your sluggish system back into the youthful, zippy machine it once was. It can clean up all kinds of junk files & temp internet files and with advanced algorithms, it can scan and remove them within seconds, making it one of the most efficient PC cleaners out there. [More...]

How to Delete Browser History to Protect Your Privacy
How to Delete Browser History to Protect Your Privacy?

Anyone can take a look at your computer's browsing history if they have access to your computer. If you don't want a complete stranger to see where you've gone and what you've done, you need to delete the browsing history. My PC Cleaner Free has the ability to solve the problem by erasing your browser history completely with just a few clicks. You are allowed to delete online histories from any browsers like IE, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc. only if they are installed in your computer. [More...]

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